Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My Footy Club is Awesome.

A slight side bar to start with: I love the word awesome, I'm sure it comes from two parts of my life, its truly a Christian word, and I still consider myself a Christian and more obviously its from "How I Met Your Mother" where quite cool people use awesome a lot. I've taken to using it again.

But back to the topic at hand. My footy club "Wallsend Junior AFL Club" is seriously awesome. The committee is full of really motivated people. Something that Jamie and I are not. Our president Jason is brilliant, he's on the ball, excellent letter writer, excellent thinker, a bit of a stress head but gets the job done. Maybe that's why he's wanted to step down as president for the past 3 years without success.

Next come Russ and Sharyn. Talk about motivated, they have called all the schools in the area to confirm they have flyers about our registration day this afternoon. They also put a lot of thought into what's needed. Russ practices with his kids and local kids, he plans his training sessions and generally worries about how the club is going to fare.

Jamie goes with the flow, he doesn't really instigate anything, will help out, do what is required, but a leader... umm not really. I'm not a big fan of getting involved either. Quite happy to have an excuse this year. BABIES.

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