Monday, February 28, 2011

Thought Processes.

Once again, a warning, proper names of body parts are being mentioned in this post.

So another appointment with the Obstetrician today. Had to be a feral and bring Ryan with me, he was very well behaved, ate a lot and drank a lot, even read some books - not his style.

Today was the "official" meeting about choosing Caesarean Section (CS) or Vaginal Deliver after Caesarean (VBAC). It was the official meeting in my head, it was really just a regular appointment.

Anyway I met with Dr Butt (lol) who is a GP who moonlights at the antenatal clinic, she is amazing, I really like her. She remembered me from two weeks ago, knew my story. The results of the "cord scan" were not in my notes, but I was able to tell her the result - no knot. Then I admitted what I've been thinking for the past several weeks... I've lost my excuse for a CS. But still the fear of giving birth is very real, I have a low pain threshold and am frightened of being trapped in any one position for any length of time because of my Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). She said there is no reason I could not have an early epidural, even just get the catheter in place and not put drugs in until its really necessary. I like the idea of that.

So after vowing never to give birth "naturally" ever again, I'm staring down the barrel of it again. Will have to read a book about what to expect.

Main reasons are:
  1. Its major surgery
  2. Can't drive for 6 weeks.
  3. Can't lift my little angel Ryan for probably those 6 weeks.
  4. Still have to keep on living.
  5. No real reason (anymore) to have a CS
  6. I did it last time.
  7. They hopefully won't lie to me and give me my epidural.
Of course, should it all go pear shaped, very happy to have my CS.

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