Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another instalment in my trews.

Closing the Gap.  I know it through the healthcare system.  Aboriginal people in Australia are entitled to more services that non-Aboriginal people due to their increased health needs.

Right now in 2015, the average life expectancy for an Aboriginal man is 67 years.
The life expectancy for the rest of the Australian men is 82 years.
That is a massive gap.  Healthcare and education is one way to close this gap.

Imprisonment rates:
In 2014 there were 33 thousand people in prison.  Of that 9200 were of ATSI descent. 27% of the total prison population are Aboriginal.
23 million people live in Australia and 669000 are Aboriginals, therefore almost 3% of the TOTAL population are Aboriginal.

What the discrepancy.
I have an as yet not researched theory.  I do plan to research this.. might do a PHD on it.

Mark turns 17 on Friday, if he went out on Friday night and got blotto, the police I would imagine would bring him home (or call me to get him) and he'd sleep it off, get yelled at by me and then not much else.

If Anthony* the Indigenous young man of 17 did exactly the same thing, he would be arrested for public drunkenness and have to go to the cells and then the magistrates court and so on and so forth (in the words of Dr Gredina)

Which means if one is Indigenous you are much more likely to be sent to prison for a "silly" crime than one that is more serious.

I shall now workshop my thesis with myself.

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