Tuesday, June 09, 2015

My Trews

Russell Brand has a YouTube show called The Trews, this thoughts on the news... news isn't true, the trews is news (I made up that tagline)

Anyway there are heaps of items from the news that makes my blood boil.  But I'm not very sure how my friends are going to respond, or if they are interested, so I will do my version of the trews here.

#1.  Cancelling ones citizenship if fighting for ISIS.
This is a massive news item.  That being said, I can't find a link to anything easily on the ABC news site.  Except maybe here.   My thoughts on this.  It's a huge thing to do, to strip someone of their citizenship, its an even bigger thing to do it if they don't have another nationality or really don't have any ties to that community.  Say for example me, I could be stripped of my Australian Citizenship should I ever to fight for ISIS (of course I am not), and then "they" say well I could go back to Canada or Germany even.  Yeah, I have huge ties there!  Anywhoo I am getting off track.  Who is this law going to apply to... at this stage, maybe 20 people.  Parliament is practically stopped over an issue that is relevant for 20 families.  Stupid.

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