Sunday, July 15, 2007

Now yucky...

So this is weird.

Worked Saturday late shift. Have to work Sunday morning shift.


Yes that is correct. Not a hint of sleep. I tried. I lay down, I curled up, I sat on the couch, I lay on the couch, I sat in the recliner, I lay in the recliner. Watched a movie that I know off by heart, thinking it would send me sleep... but not this little black duck. I think I'll ask Ainslie to take the team leader role in the morning - what do you reckon??

I took all of my normal medications (and avid readers of this blog - the two of you out there!) will know what they are. But my doc added an antidepressant this week and he said in "rare cases" it can cause hightened anxiety, restlessness, nausea. Well guess what I have all three!!!!!! Should pass in a day or two. Had a funny sensation of minor halucinations too - like a kaleidascope and a big number 5 spinning inside my eyes. Felt good in the day time but this damned night time I hate it. I feel all dizzy and plain yucky and don't know what to do. Its freaking me out a little bit.

Jamie is so wise, I woke him up at 5.30am to ask for some advice and he came up with the most amazing suggestion. I love him so much.

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Rosemary said...

OK, what did he suggest?????? Yes he is wonderful.
You will sleep tonight (I hope) now that you baby boy is home. Happy reunion.