Monday, August 13, 2007

Oh bugger.

Insomnia again.
RLS again.
Wantiing to cry again for the first time in 2 months.
Its 1.20am and I'm due to be up at 6.30 and be perky for work.
Quick shifts are not designed for me.

Not too happy with the final episode of Grey's Anatomy...
I knew Preston Burke was leaving, fitting that he chose it and not Christina, they were so unsuited, never understood their relationship. George failed his intern exam (makes sense, he's lost his dad and got married and had an affair), oops I forgot this show is a tv show not real life.

Very unhappy that "What about Brian" is cancelled. They can do more with this show! I really enjoyed it and surprisingly enough so did Jamie.

Excited that Kath and Kim is back next week!!

Yes the musings of an exhausted tv addict... better go and watch some more and try and go to sleep with out kicking my legs off.

Hot bath was useless.... I think I'm willing to try the camphor and a penny! It f**king rediculous (oops that is the Tourette's coming out)

1 comment:

Jim G said...

Now you know you'll do the penny trick, it'll work and you'll feel silly..

...either that or it'll turn out to be a load of codswallop. I'm voting the latter but hey, what have you got to lose? :p