Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sick Chook.

My darling little boy has "the flu". Well he did yesterday and had me so worried. Burning up with a fever, not able to get up and do "Mark stuff", lying on the couch watching telly, barely eating, wanting cuddles all day (ok that is a Mark thing).
Kept him home again today, and he's a different kid, bored out of his brain. He cleaned out my utensil drawer as it had saw dust from my disintegrating kitchen, so he was washing, he's making stuff. I got him the most amazing book, and would recommend it for anyone with boys. Dangerous Book for Boys, it has how to make the worlds best paper aeroplane, how to make a sling shot, how to make batteries, information on history and famous battles, knots, secret inks, rules for 3 footy codes and cricket, how to build a tree house. Mark is keen for me to write down the whole list, but I won't.

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