Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Following rules - is it really that hard?

A little something that has been bothering me for some time now.  Its the modern way, "surely they are not talking to me?" that the world seems to think.

What is it I'm talking about.

Mobile phones!

I'm as addicted as the next person (as is evident by my data usage on my smart phone), but I don't use it when driving, at a petrol station or on a plane.  To be completely truthful, I don't believe that there is a problem to use a phone on a plane or at the petrol station, but they ask you not to, so I don't.

On the other hand I do think there is a problem when using a phone when driving (not sitting at traffic lights, but that's another story), so not since 2002 have I used a mobile whilst driving.  The time I did use it was in a traffic jam along Mickleham Road.  It was inching traffic, took half an hour to go 1km and I had a chat to my mum.  When the traffic sped up a police car was next to me, told me never to use my phone again and I haven't!

This past weekend Jamie and I flew to Newcastle for the weekend.  We both turned our phones to flight mode and had them off before we got on.  Like they ask you to.  Anyone who knows Jamie realises this is a big deal for him to turn it off.  But he always does.  Doesn't look like many others follow suit.  The number of people texting whilst on the plane is just flabbergasting.  Text messages going off the whole flight, *they don't even make it silent* , even when directly asked to turn off the phone, they just glare and put it in their pocket - not off.

Like I say, I can't think that there would be a problem, but they ask you to turn it off, so for 1.5 hours can it be off??  Can it?

I don't believe there is a need to turn it off at the Medicare office or in hospitals (maybe if you were in ICU) or at your GPs office.  We have huge signs at my work saying *Please turn off your phone it interferes with the sensitive medical equipment*  and everyone in the waiting room is on their mobiles.  Go for it guys.

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