Thursday, June 20, 2013

STRANGE THINGS............about the computer.

This is just a little bit of randomness...

Jamie always types in the full URL, even if the one he is looking for pops up as a suggestion.  Drives me bonkers.

After living in Melbourne for the past 18 months, I have have the Newcastle tv guide as our computer based tv guide, everytime I open it up (from the bookmarks), I have to then click on home - Melbourne and so it goes through three screens to get to the page I want.  But for some reason I don't actually want to change it.

Jamie has over 30,000 emails stored on this computer and I don't think he's got a back up.  He won't delete the trash - just in case.

Our computer NEVER gets turned off.

We run Linux - not Windows, not apple.  But the nerd operating system that is Linux and I can't install anything.

I don't know how to watch a movie or tv show online.  I feel that makes me very backward.

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