Tuesday, July 02, 2013

sad stuff happening

Yesterday there were two snippets of information off the Internet that made me very sad.  I don't know either woman personally.

First is Courtney from a long favorite blog pudge and biggie. This woman with her husband has adopted two children with down syndrome. They've since had a biological child and are pregnant with their 4th child. She is an inspiration on parenting,  special needs and photography.  Anyway,  yesterday she found/was alerted to a photo of her eldest daughter with an awful caption.  someone had gone to the effort of finding LC and bullied her and her parents and people with DS generally.  It broke my heart. I was so surprised and hurt by this.  Courtney has now made her blog private (very sad about that) and she needs to recover.  Please pick on me... not my child.

Second is a girl on the sidelines of a beautiful mess. She has a young daughter whose photo has been picked up by trolls and turned into "baby slut" supposedly its funny but in reality its gross hurtful and creepy. She's a baby!!

I put my children on the Internet.  That makes me nervous.  What if my boys photos are in something like that. If I don't know about it does it not matter.

Feeling a little sick with the world today.


helloally said...

Seriously whatius wrong with some people?!! That made me sad to read as well Christy ... Chin up luvly hugs.xxx

Brewed Together said...

Very sad news. Not sure that the world will ever be perfect, but hoping to stay positive even through events like these... Thanks for sharing. Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com