Thursday, July 25, 2013

Universe aligning.

Or at least that is what it feels like.

From my previous post, I have taken a stand.

I did join the gym - have been twice so far - and am aching from head to toe.  Those exercises are HARD man.

I joined a weight loss support group - run by Herbalife and my friend Kellie, and so far they are not pushing the products... but wait for it.

I was called by my Health Insurance company to be involved in Health Coaching.  Its free.  I did the prelim discussion and set some goals.

How does this happen?


My get healthy/weight loss journey has begun.
Today I am 77km and am 99cm around my belly (who needed to know that?)
I also pledge to keep my kitchen clean
I will attend the gym 3 times per week (or more)

WHAT is this nonsense about the kitchen???
- It upsets me no end that my house is messy (found out today its not as dirty as I thought it was - others are dirtier), I stress if anyone comes to visit that there is crap all over my kitchen.  I want a clean kitchen and its up to me.

The Health Coach asked for obtainable goals that will help my physical and mental health.  I was embarrassed - a little bit - to say a clean kitchen and going to the gym are my goals.

With those two done, the other areas of my life - poor sleep, anger, frustration, postponing everything should fall into line.

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