Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My original baby is 15!

That  is just ridiculous.  He can't be 15.  He's still a boy.  We've had a pretty good time Mark and I.  Started out just the two of us, spent every moment together, then we started uni together.  He went to the daycare on campus and I did my nursing degree.  We met and started dating Jamie.  Then we moved in with Jamie.  Then we moved together and started new lives in the same week.  He started kinder/prep and I started my new grad year.  Anyway blah blah blah.

Some good past stories about Mark are: his birth, and starting high school.  Looking back over this blog, he seems to frustrate me, but he is also fabulous.

Anyway he turned the big one five today.  He is officially allowed to watch an MA movie, he's officially allowed to play the xbox games he has been playing for the past 3 years.  The 365 day count down to getting his learners permit has commenced.

This evening we had the family party.  It was awesome.  Such a friendly occasion.  All the kids got along.  Everyone ate.  Good singing of the favourite Happy Birthday song.  Such a shame my in-laws live so far away.

My mini photo shoot - all my kids and all the cousins in the same pic.  First time ever got them all at once.  For those who don't know, from left to right is: Roy, Sheena, Ben, Mark (the big one), Zahli, Toby and Ryan.  A selected few.

Nice, but Mark looks bewildered.

All the littlies are great, Mark looks "blue steele"

Happy with this one, but wacky Sheena.

Ryan is doing a silly smile.

Happy kid

Just prior to blowing out the candles.

The huge family dinner.

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