Saturday, October 26, 2013

Eating / Cooking

It appears I'm going to end up having a family of big eaters.

Today (Saturday) Breakfast
Mark - huge bowl of cereal
Ryan - 2 weetbix and a banana, followed by a honey sandwich
Ben - 1 weetbix and banana followed by a vegemite sandwich
That is just breakfast.  It does slow down a bit over the day.  They enjoy lunch - a tin of spagetti (each for the little ones).

So that got me thinking, how am I going to feed them as they grow up and get bigger.  I did a google search "large family cooking" and that took me exactly where I wanted to be.  Religious home schoolers with big families.  One of them - Responding in Faith - has made me laugh because of her breakfasts.

biscuits, gravy and eggs
grits, sausage and egg casserole
french toast
apple dumplings
southwest breakfast casserole

Imagine going to that much effort for breakfast.  Hasn't she heard of cereal?  A smoothie?  Toast with vegemite?  What the heck are biscuits and grits (my initial guess is scones and well I just dont' know about grits)

Then comes lunches:
grilled sandwiches, chips, carrots
chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, fruit cups
pizza burgers, chips, carrot sticks
hot dogs or chili dogs, fries, fruit cups
sandwiches, applesauce, cottage cheese
pasta, apple sauce, garlic bread
fish sandwiches, veggies, yogurt
SOOOO much effort.

Snacks and dinners are fully planned too.  I didn't read the blog too much, but I'm guessing she homeschools.  How does she have time to homeschool, cook, clean and do laundry for her 5-7 children.  I need to have a little lie down thinking about it.

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