Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cup Day

The event season is here.  The first event is Cup Day.


The plan is for nibblies, sweeps and horse races.

Food ideas:


 I've never made sushi, but am very willing to give it a go.  Prawn and tuna.


 Vietnamese Rice Paper rolls

 DIY Stick Horse

 I'd love to do this stick horse for the kids horse races, but its quite complicated and in true A Beautiful Mess fashion is VERY light on with the directions - cut a horses head... oh yes... as a non craft person, I can work that magic!

 But it will probably look more like this...

 Oh and a cheese platter.  I think that'll do it.  Trying my hand at savoury.

Running a sweep too.  Maybe prizes rather than money... hmmm prizes or money for the family that wins.  Will have to get a consensus on that one.
Must log on here on Saturday for the form.

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