Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Looking up

I feel things are on the improve.

I've been on anti-depressants for a little over a month now and am feeling so much better.  I got myself a pill case, so as well as taking anti-depressants I'm also taking a multivitamin and Vitamin D every day.  So maybe everything all together is good for me.  I'm getting my RLS under control too.  Exercise is still quite haphazard.  Guilt is a HUGE.  I can't seem to get there.  The thought of finishing work, going to the gym which takes approx one hour inc changing time and then collect the boys, then home and do the washing, get dinner, clean up, bath and bed the boys, encourage Mark to do something.  ETC ETC ETC well there just isn't enough time when I'm not getting home until 6.30pm.  I just can't go early.  That is just does not work for me.

Have set up a new blog for planning for Christmas.  Its here.

Some recent pictures..

The cheesy pair on a sunny day

They are outside on a coffee table with a pillow and blanket!

A meal made by Mark and Isaac (for themselves only)

Ryan as Spiderman

Shooting out his web

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