Thursday, October 04, 2007


Day #2 of the holiday started off in the motel, we had a continental breakfast in the dining room (again Mark thought he was a king!). Off on the road again.

We stopped in a town called Glenrowan - the heart of Kelly country. As a rule I'm against the idolisation of Ned Kelly. I don't understand Australia's fascination with a cop killer and bush ranger. To be truthful, I didn't pay much attention at school. I don't know the Kelly side of things - why he turned to bushranging etc. But its a continual fascination. Somewhat like my Law & Order shows on tv which raise up murderers to cult level, the media's love of serial killers and Jack the Ripper, its all on a par. Anyway I have digressed.

During Year 3 in school there is a course on Australian history which includes the bushranging time and the king of the bush rangers is Ned Kelly. Glenrowan was where he lived and the shootout was in Glenrowan, the whole town is a celebration of his life and crimes.

We went to one of the museums and saw lots of "ye olde worlde" artefacts.

Here is another montage of photos of our day (quarter of a day) at Glenrowan.

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kathryn said...

Good to see you having a good time with your family, we miss you already at work, Kathryn