Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm over it.

What is it exactly???


I have coughed for almost two weeks and the last 5 days have been horrible. Went to the doc on Sunday morning, who took a throat swab (it was karma getting me back for all of those NG tubes I place) and has given me a few days off work. Got the phone numbers of all of my patients from the clinic and canceled them yesterday. Had a super dooper coughing fit yesterday to the point of throwing up... aren't you glad I shared that tidbit of information.

So today, I have been resting.

Mark started back at school and he's all enthusiastic. Wore his new white shirt uniform and he looks gorgeous. Saw the ladies from OOSH and its nice to see them again.

Jamie had an interview for a job in Melbourne, but unfortunately not this time. Still looking for other jobs.

Must head off and rest some more :)

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