Thursday, October 18, 2007

Making me laugh.

Who does this best? Its my boy.

Yesterday he had his first cricket training. They got heaps of goodies as its "Milo Have A Go" promotion, and Cricket Australia is sure focusing on kids. He got a tshirt, hat, cricket bat and ball, drink bottle, sweat bands, badge. It was like Christmas for the boy. Anyway that isn't what made me laugh.

We stopped at Coles on the way home and bought my cheat dinner (Roast Chook) and going back to the car he said to me "Do you remember when I was a little boy and I thought nipples were called NIBBLES". I nearly wet myself on the spot. #1 a nine year reminiscing about when he was young. #2 why does he recall bizarre things all the time. #3 Yes he did think they were called nibbles and it freaked me out each time he said it which was frighteningly often.

I laughed so hard I snorted, he cracked up too... well I guess you had to be there.


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jotcr2 said...

I like your new blog header. Your son (my nephew) is an oddball in the nicest possible way.