Friday, February 05, 2010

Mmmm baking.

Another love of mine is baking. Last year I went through a HUGE cupcake "thing", but its not very practical for school lunches etc... especially when on a diet. So this year I will do my baking to give away, like tomorrow at Mark's cricket match. We will be partaking in "SUGAR COOKIES"

Now for the method
To start with I creamed the butter and sugar. I would have loved to use butter, but I only had margarine, so that is what I used.

Four eggs. My mother knows that I have a thing about eggs, it is my dream to own chickens and use their eggs, but until that time I only use free range. It is my little bit for the goodness of the chooks

All mixed in!

Stir in the flour

Roll out on a flour dusted bench

Cut out in the shape you desire... I got some star shaped cookie cutters, so that is what I made. As an aside, it is difficult to maintain the shape of a star, so some were a little wonky.

After they were cooked, sitting on my wonderful oven.

Now they are iced. I used a glace icing, which is just icing sugar, food colouring and a little hot water. It didn't spread like I wanted it to, so I flicked the icing all over the cookies, and I do like the way it has turned out.

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