Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ryan's Birth Story

Warning - might be distressing to some viewers.

I haven't shared this very well so far. Ryan was due on the 7th December, regular readers of this blog know that heat and Christy do not mix, add in pregnancy and to say I was over it... well I was over it.

3rd December 2009 20:30pm
I was sitting on the recliner starting to watch Law and Order (I'm pretty sure it was L&O), when I felt a trickle from down below, it made me sit up and take notice. I'd been having incontinence issues, so was wearing a pad, but this was not a "wee" feeling but something a little more serious. So what did I do.. I ignored it, hoping it would go away. I ignored until about 9pm as it kept coming. I spoke to my mum, do you think this is my waters breaking, what should I do? Surely contractions should start. I promptly forgot everything they said at birth classes about when to ring etc. After a while (around 10:15ish) Jamie suggested I get it over with and call the hospital.
So I did, they said to come in just for a check over, not to rush. They seemed more insistent mainly because I had had the Cesarean before and was planning a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean).
I wasn't sure if I should take my hospital bag as I felt great, and there was just a little trickle every time I moved.
We were put into one of the delivery rooms, the midwife came and chatted to us, said she would expect we'd go home, but had to wait for the doctors, who were delivering a baby by c-section in the theatres and they wouldn't be long.
My waters kept on coming, I went through 4 maternity pads waiting for those doctors. Our room only had a radio, no telly, we weren't allowed to have our phones on and Jamie wasn't allowed his laptop. We were technology starved, so had to talk to each other. Jamie was a bit pissed off as it was now nearing midnight and we were just sitting there.

4th December 2009 12:30
Things changed, I had my first contraction. It made me stand up and bend over double. Then the next one and then the next one and so on. I was unable to move when they hit and then I got diarrhoea. Off to the loo every 5 minutes for about an hour until I would have to have been empty! Not sure what time the docs came in, but surprise surprise yes my waters had broken and I was in early labour... it will be hours and would I like to go home with a panadeine forte (hello, Mia Freedman, just like her book for her second child). I was lying on the bed, buzzing frequently cos it "really really hurt". I think I was dilated around 3-4cm at this stage and then I kind of lost it.

I told my midwife that I made a mistake, I would not be able to attempt a VBAC and that I would like to have a c-section as quickly as possible. The doctor had previously told me I was able to change my mind at any time (hmmm, this is all a lie). I then demanded some better pain relief as "my pain is much worse than anyone elses" so some such bullshit. I was not a pleasant person at this stage. I know I was grunting, crying and most importantly very still, not able to move. The overnight midwife (I think Michelle) was VERY VERY slow with every request. The morphine finally came.. she did not ask me for my name, DOB or allergy status!!! At the time, I would say it had done nothing, but I do think I/we were able to sleep for a little bit. Around 6am, realising that the bloody c-section I had asked for wasn't coming, I requested an epidural (as is my right in this western society I live in), but again REALLY slow. She tried to talk me out of it, saying I was doing really well and that maybe just another dose of morphine would be ok. I was also sucking on the gas a lot at this stage, again thinking it was doing nothing, but really it must have been working quite well.
Michelle left the room again, I spoke with Jamie, saying she's not going to ask the doc for the epidural, she's gonna make it so it will be too late for me to have it. Knowing it was nearly change over time, my plan was to be really pathetic and "get the epidural"

4th December 2009 7am
Changeover saw TWO midwives come into our room, a young girl who I think was Robyn and an older one whose name is Carol. Why did I need two midwives???? I'm sure I asked if it was a slow morning, but I was spun some crap about me being a special case. I put on the waterworks saying I was in far too much pain and really needed an epidural. Robyn then said those fateful words "its a bit too late for the epidural now" I KNEW IT, its all a conspiracy. Jamie called Mum for me, as I felt I really needed her at this stage too. Jamie went off for a coffee and some breakfast.
Problem occured - I needed to pee, but as I had been unable to move off of my side on the bed, how could I get myself all the way over to the bathroom. Took about 15 minutes to walk the 4 meters. I sat on that loo for at least half an hour, many contractions (at this stage I was VERY vocal) but no pee. Went back to bed and Robyn gave me an in-out catheter, and truth be told, I couldn't care less, there was a bit of relief. I had been munching on ice for most of the night and that liquid needed to come out.
Next everyone started to focus on the monitor, neither Jamie or I can remember them telling us exactly what they were focusing on, we remember Carol saying that the baby "liked the contractions and wanted to come out", not that there was a problem and the baby needed to come out! Just a minor detail.

They had contacted the registrar to come and help deliver, I was moved to the birthing stool, which was a vinyl covered stool that I squatted over and needed to push like having a poo! Oh delightful. That was when Mum came in! Jamie was sitting on the bed behind me, with me leaning back onto him. I was quite happy there, pushing really well, Carol I think had her head down the business end, seeing what was going on, telling me I was doing really well (when most of the time I really wasn't).

The doc said I HAD TO BE BACK ON THE BED. I can't move???? Finally I was on the bed, Jamie had one knee, someone else had the other one and that's when I completely lost it. "No, no no I'm NOT doing this anymore" and I refused to push. BTW Ryan was either crowning or very close to it. I shut my eyes and wouldn't listen to anyone.
Carol then pretty much yelled at me "Christy, you have to open your eyes and listen to me, your baby NEEDS to come out now and you are going to push him out NOW"

4rd December 2009 9:50am
So that is what we did. I believe the roof lifted off the hospital as I screamed a bit too loud. If anyone was doing a tour of the birthing suite at that time, they would be booking for a cesaer on the spot!. The head coming out has to be the worst thing, it stings, hurts, and is generally the worst pain ever. Then a little breather and then push the shoulders out and then the baby slips out. THEN no pain whatsoever which is really weird.

Then all hell broke loose, they didn't put him on my chest but whipped him away to the resuscitation area, I looked over and saw someone doing chest compressions on him. I started to cry quite hysterically and they were ringing the emergency number and all of a sudden about 8 new people were in the room all hovering around Ryan, getting drugs and all sorts of stuff. Jamie was asked to go over to him, and then they shoved him out of the way. He came to me for a little bit about 10 minutes after birth for a little cuddle and then he went to the NICU with Jamie and was in a humidicrib for a day with oxygen, nasal feeding tubes, pulse oximetry, ECG recording.

Back to me. I was given the needle to birth the placenta, which was just an odd feeling. This was when they saw it! There was a KNOT in the umbilical cord, coupled with the cord being around his neck, no wonder the little fella was "flat" when he came out. A bit later I got my stitches (ouch) and was allowed to eat, I had two breakfasts.

About an hour later I was able to go around and see Ryan, once again floods of tears knowing that we had almost lost him. Carol had said because of the knot in the cord, if I had been given the epidural it would have slowed the labour down and then he might have died! OMG.

The main reason I was convinced to do the VBAC was because everyone said the chance of having a second "cord issue" would be so remote, not worth thinking about. Well... two boys - first one had the cord around his neck twice and almost died requiring emergency c-section, second had it around his neck and a knot pulled tight. I feel I have cord problems and will have a c-section for my next pregnancy.

I apologize for any spelling/grammar errors, but can't be bothered proof reading at this stage.

If you read to the end, I congratulate you!


Rosemary said...

Well told Christy, yes you did make known that giving birth was not one of the things on your "things to do now" list. You told us all.
The KNOT in the umbilical cord, coupled with the cord being around his neck was noted immediately following Ryans entry into this world, before the placenta was delivered. The rest is as I remembered it. Just as well he was not the size he is now!!
Thanks for writing the story.


Kel said...

Ahh Christy that is a wonderful story and good to see you can poke fun at yourself even during such a stressting time. Loved reading this story it gave me a giggle (is that wrong). We will come up soon as to meet the little man.
From the Holloways