Monday, February 01, 2010

January and a tiny bit of Feb

This is a delicious lemon pie I made. It was from one of the Annette Sym's books. It was VERY yummy and suprisingly low in fat (a little high in sugar, but what the hey)

More grown up tummy time. He was enjoying himself this time. In a Peter Rabbit outfit.

Just hanging out on his mat. I think was getting a bit sick of the camera at this stage. I took a couple of videos (which ended up being 118Mb) and lots of photos. Taken 2nd February 2010.

First day of Year 6 at Mayfield West DS. Mark has started his career as a "bus kid." After a nervous start, he is very confident and polite - he always thanks the driver.

After the bath!

At Merewether Beach with Aunty Jo. Remind me not to wear that hat in photos, but it was a windy and sunny day.
Enough said!
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Rosemary said...

Oh, he is beautiful, no wonder you are in love again. Try to catch a smile for me please. I will look forward to getting them for myself hater this month.
Love and kisses Ryan,
Nan & Pop