Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hmmm - an older post from about a month ago

Ryan is obsessed with his mouth - like all 3.5 month old babies - he's either got his dummy, his hand, whatever toy I put into his hand shoved into his mouth. There is always drool and slobber everywhere. So tonight I was giving him a bath which is a very cute process - fist in mouth the whole time. He changed the position of his hand and put three fingers in... there was a noise "ack" and then he vomited. So have decided he's a bit bulimic.

Tomorrow is the start of creche. I'm a little nervous. He's still so tiny, the other kids in his room are all mobile, he can't even sit up yet. He won't drink from a bottle, only me! But my house sure needs a good tidy. So I'm hoping to do it on Thursdays when he's in creche.

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