Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What are you watching?

As a lot of people already know, I love my telly. Just a little too addicted, but at the moment, I don't really care. So this is what I'm watching....

1. UNDERBELLY: The first series. I just started again today. I think its a brilliant series, I really don't want to think of it as a true story (but it is), as its SO violent.

2. THE BIG BANG THEORY: I love the nerdiness of it, Sheldon is my hero. He comes up with the best one liners. Always had a crush on Johnny Galecki, from my Roseanne days

3. WINTER OLYMPICS: I totally loved the Vancouver Olympics. I loved the skating, skiing, snowboarding, luge, skeleton and the bobsled. I even watched the hockey but I really don't like figure skating. Totally adored Johnny Weir and how he flirted with Leila on Channel 9... adorable. Thought Sean White was very cool - but didn't hear him speak.

4. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Just seriously cool. Doogie Houser all grown up.

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Anonymous said...

Love the Big Bang Theory - definitely a fave in our household.