Sunday, March 14, 2010


Life is cruising along nicely at the moment. Mark is at school and its going well. Jamie is coping with work, and his business is growing nicely. He is still extremely busy and that is quite annoying, but its the way he likes his life. Ryan and I are having a good time at home. We're getting busier as we have Mother's Group now. We try to have one outing each day. I'm learning his "cues" and trying to get him to bed before it becomes problematic. Feeding is currently a HUGE issue. He is refusing a bottle. Luckily it is not imperative he have a bottle (except for when I go out and Jamie can't feed him), but we're all getting a little stressed about it. We'll keep trying.

This is part one of my series ... the three bears. There is a photo of me with two teddies when I'm in the nude (yes I'm just a baby at the time), I've got the same photo of Mark in the nude with two teddies. Just need to strip the bub off and get another bear. This Roger, the bear that Mark chose for him when he was only about half way grown. Very cute and soft bear. Ryan hasn't met this bear before, hence looks a little nervous.

This is a very common face that Ryan pulls. Not really sure why... but the "bug eye" face makes us all laugh.

Finally, this is me with my two sons. We had a half day trip to Karuah so Jamie could get some spare parts for his Commodore. Instead of watching him pull a car apart, the kids and I stayed in town. Karuah is so sad, they put a bypass in and now the town is almost dead. We had a snack at the bakery and then went town to the Myall River which runs through the town and has a little walk along the paths until it started raining. It did have a beautiful park and Mark had a play whilst Ryan had his lunch. Two boys on BMXs rode by several times whilst we were feeding, I think they wanted to catch an eyeful of my boobs... how exciting.


mummalu said...

Hi This is Lucy from Raid My Wardrobe. Your blog is fantastic. I really need to keep mine more up to date. See you around on Twitter :)

Rosemary said...

What lovely photos. You will have a great selection when you get round to Scrapbooking.
Your boys are lovely, like you.