Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Things I love

Link1. Dummies - its not very PC, parents that are cool have kids who don't use dummies (I was one with Mark, smugly saying, "he doesn't need a dummy"). Sadly not so for #2. He, and his parents have a total dummy addiction. I think its so cute when Ryan is snoozing and then he cries out... he's lost the dummy and all we need to do is pop it back in and he's back asleep. Totally fallen in love with his "dummy catcher", much cuter than the NUK ones a the supermarket, but totally necessary.

2. Cupcakes - yes still in love with making cupcakes. Made some delicious strawberry ones last week with fresh strawberries. AND I forgot to take a picture of them, sorry. My lovely friend Rebecca bought me a cupcake carrier. It holds 24 cakes in two tiers and is amazing. Her only criteria for giving it to me... that I bake for her sometimes.

3. Quilts - I want to learn to quilt. Need to take a class. I feel I would be good at quilting.

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