Saturday, April 16, 2011

Almost 13 years, 16.5 months and 13 days

Yep, that's my boys. Can't believe how quickly the past 13 days have gone. How much has changed in that time. To be honest, I think Ryan is having the hardest time adjusting. Why does my mummy not pick me up? Who is that little creature?
The hardest part is if I'm changing Ben on the change table and Ryan comes up behind me and is desperate to be picked up, its just awful, makes me feel so bad. He has stood on his nappy bag and climbed up the back of my legs.

Ryan is also waking up from his afternoon nap in an hysterical mood. He screams for about 15 minutes and is unable to be calmed. Just awful. Yesterday was football practice, so I was home with the little ones. Thankfully Ben was asleep, so when the hysterical Ryan woke up and screamed I could help him. I'm not sure why, maybe he's teething, but I think its sort of a new habit, hopefully a short one. I don't like it one bit. I can't help him, he climbs and stomps and pinches and is inconsolable.

Ben is just delightful. All he's doing is sleeping, eating and pooing. I feel he's starting to focus a little bit. He is not awake for really any length of time, so interaction is at a minimum. Next wake up, I might play with him first, rather than feed him or else he just falls asleep again.

Mark is being his usual self. Demanding. He tidied his room beautifully when mum was here, now its covered in Lego again. He is desperate for a new set of Lego, and I don't want to get it for him. I don't see why he should get a new Lego. All he's done in the house is just his normal chores, yes he's doing it without whining, but nothting extraordinary. He's in my face every hour saying "can we go shopping". But then last night, he was so rude in the way he spoke to me. I just reminded him that he needed a shower and he growled "I KNOW" it was so aggressive and mean the way he spoke. That boy makes me feel so used and stupid. That is not the way a 13 year old should be towards his mother - or is it?

Had some other issues, but if you want to know, call me! Some things are just not right to be put on the internet for eternity.

Feeling a little down, still quite sore and achy (I have a cold as well) and starting on Monday, have no adult help. Nothing went the way I wanted it to... oh well.. seems like my lot in life, don't have enough say.

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