Friday, April 22, 2011

Boring, tearful but in the end a good day.

Up early with the little boys. I think they are setting each other off. If Ben cries, Ryan wakes up too. Its challenging, especially as Ryan is a "bad waker-upper" at the moment and wants to cuddle, but if you also have a starving 3 week old that only I can feed... well challenging is the word I'm using.

Ben is a great sleeper, if he's not sleeping, he's having his milk. He squarks a bit, but not too much. He had a bath tonight, in the big bath with Ryan. Ryan babbles away at him and wants to pat him. I think that will be my regular way to bath little Ben, save on water a bit and set up habits for the future. They can have their bath together. Anyway Ben loves the bath, only hated his first one, and that was probably because I was SO stressed.

Jamie went to the Central Coast to play golf this morning, got home just after 1pm and has pretty much slept all afternoon. Not sure what his issue is.

I spoke with mum this morning and bawled my eyes out. I know I'm doing well, that isn't what the problem is. I'm being awfully short with Mark - he deserves it on some level - but not all the time. He still loves me, that is certain. I'm a bit "over" the push push push push and then "sorry mum" of his behaviour. He's bored shitless needs a friend nearby to play/run/wrestle with. He went off with Daniel today, but that was for less than half an hour, not enough to burn off any energy.

Tomorrow is back to the Central Coast to go the Australian Reptile park. Really looking forward to that. I hope that Mark doesn't make too bad a face when I feed Ben. I've tried to be very sensitive to him and not do it in public. I personally do not care at all.

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