Thursday, April 21, 2011


Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale

Hmmm.... I just scored myself at 15, beyondblue suggest if you score greater than 10 you should consult your health care practitioner.

So should I???

I don't feel I'm going to harm anyone, I just feel overwhelmed. I have Mark at home and as a teenager he is challenging (seriously doesn't listen to me), I'm stressed about the state of the house, I don't feel I'm getting adequate support. Not sure who to call, or what I'm supposed to do. I'm trying to do the right thing by Ryan but his lack of eating is starting to worry me. I feel I'm doing the right thing by Ben...

I know I'm not happy, I'm tired, I cry a lot, I eat too much sugar. Now I'm particularly worried.

I wish Mum was here.

Today (this afternoon) is the start of the Easter long weekend which this year incorporates ANZAC Day as well, so its 5 days with Jamie home... might let him know about this.

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