Monday, April 18, 2011

A favourite thing to do

I'm completely loving going to bed.

Well that's not too unusual is it? But I love the walk to bed.

First stop is Ryan's room - what strange position will I find him in, tonight it was feel at the window end, back against the side of the cot, dummy OUT of his mouth. Quite often he'll be bum up in the air, or sideways or goodness knows what.

Second stop is Mark's room - I'm looking for the familiar glow of the iPhone, is he still awake? Can I turn his fan off... despite being mid April and the weather has changed, he's still addicted to his ceiling fan on full pelt and the pleas before going to bed "Mum, don't turn it off" of course I do, I'm not allowing such a wicked waste of money. His room is lots safer since its been tidied up, feel ok walking in there now.

Third stop is Ben's new room. Only set it up yesterday, so its still a little disorganised, still has the queen sized mattress leaning against one wall. Well the tiniest of my children is now in his actual cot, looking especially tiny as I'm completely following the SIDS guidelines. He's so adorable all wrapped up in his muslin then tucked in tight under a sheet and a blankie. The furniture in his room is all white so it looks lovely and fresh.

Final step is my bed. I'm loving this new phase of being able to sleep, not fearing my bed, but totally loving it.

Completely exhausted now, been essentially awake since about 4am.
4am feed with Ben
4.30 Jamie's alarm went off
4.45am tucked Ben back in and back to bed. alarm
5.15 finally convinced Jamie to get up.
5.30 Jamie leaves
6am Ryan woke up
7am breakfast
7.30 sent Ryan back to bed
7.30 Connie rang - so had a nice chat, in that time Mark woke up and popped in, Ryan called out so came into my bed too and he had a HUGE chat to Connie and Toby.
Then the day kept going...

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