Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It must be hard to be a teenager.

I'll admit it, I've just been snooping on Mark's Facebook page. He no longer uses it, but its interesting to see what the "kids" are up to. To be honest, its tragic. Desperation in their posts.
  • Like this if you think I'm hot,
  • inbox me,
  • would you go to my funeral.
  • The mild cyber bullying,
  • lots of name calling and
  • those cryptic posts which also cry desperation, can someone please ask what I'm talking about.
  • Kids who are not yet 13 declaring undying love.
  • You've scarred my heart.
  • Bragging about wagging school (apparently its called whopping now)
  • Bragging about being in detention!
Reading that, I know I've got a good boy. He runs a little hot and cold, he sometimes doesn't listen good enough. But he's exactly where I know him to be, he isn't obsessed by oversexed girls. I saw one photo that was bordering on a sexting photo. I don't want him to grow up, but I know he will.

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