Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh no, I think I could be pregnant!

Well I did just clean the kitchen.

I even lifted everything off the top of the microwave.

There can be no other reason.

I forgot to take my camera yesterday. Hopeless.

Another TV rant:
Why the heck are there three renovation shows on the telly at the moment. Two of them are on the same channel. It makes no sense. Two appear to be completely identical.
The Block on NBN
The Renovators on channel 10
Top Design also on NBN
Madness. Stupid challenges to make "twists and turns" rather than showing people how to renovate. Like I said with Masterchef, use some editing and allow people to do a good job. Completing a dodgy renovation in 24 hrs is silly. Do a good one and take at least a week. What is wrong with quality work rather than speed.

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