Friday, July 01, 2011

Against the rules.

Baking rules, or baking blog rules. Everyone raves about Swiss Meringue Butter Cream icing. But I can't stand it. We put it on the rainbow cake that Connie and I made for Jamie's birthday, and I thought it was awful.

I will never make it again, so much more effort than normal butter cream icing. I make a really good butter, milk and icing sugar icing that I will stick with that. One day I'm going to take a course in cake decorating so I can learn to do piping, but until then, my RUSTIC look will have to suffice.

This rainbow cake is so much easier to make than it looks. It takes time, its messy and requires quite a bit of space, but its worth it for the WOW factor that's for sure. I borrowed the recipe from the Whisk Kid, ours again is a bit more rustic, but as I didn't like the icing, I'm sure glad we didn't use as much as the Whisk Kid did!

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EN said...

That cake is fabulous! Oh how I wish I were so domestically inclined!