Thursday, June 30, 2011


Oh dear, this seems to be the third time I've written about frustrating situations.

#1. Ryan opening stuff he shouldn't! Well he's a toddler, just have to say no and wait this one out.

#2 Mark doesn't look after himself well enough. He has acne at the moment, he won't Proactiv twice a day as recommended, he won't drink water, he wants energy drinks (the young teen version of alcohol) and McDonald's.

#3. Freaking tenant. I'll leave it at that!

#4. Overwhelming hunger and fatigue. I can't get stuff done, routines are not happening. I'm hungry all the time.

#5 Breastfeeding is very painful at the moment. Quite frightened about the next feed.

#6. I wish I could renovate.


A thought that popped into my head which is only slightly related to point number six. The Block is a show putting 4 couples against each other to renovate a house each. One would think the show is about renovations and design... but no. In true reality show stunts its all about creating conflict and stupid games. An entire episode was them running around the sponsors stores looking for little red houses. How am I supposed to learn about renovation if this is what they dish up???

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