Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday wrap up

Friday was Jamie’s usual day at home. We went to Glendale to pay the tax bill. Now that’s an interesting story. Jamie does his tax late each year, I have no idea why, its one of his quirks. So we have this tax bill, mine is a refund, so it would make sense to do them at the same time, my refund pays his bill… oh well. So Friday I decide to pay the bills. The one for the tax department is there, I look for the POSTBILLPAY code, there is none. There is no website address for paying by credit card. You can not pay your tax bill by credit card, it is not allowed! I did a Facebook update about this to get people’s responses. They ranged from “just to make life difficult” to “you need to pay your taxes with your own money”. In theory I get that, I really do. But Jamie and I have worked our life that our pay stays in the bank for as long as possible to reduce the interest on our home loan. We pay everything by credit card and pay it off in full each month. This has worked for us, it worked for my parents too. Frustrating is the word for it.

I also bought a game. An XBOX game. This is not something that I normally do. I have never had a electronic game (other than my Farmville). I have NEVER played an electronic game. I didn’t realise how much I really didn’t know how to use the controller. When I put the game in (LA Noire for those who want to know), the story was introduced and then a crime was called in and my character had to drive to the crime scene. So I waited for my dude on the screen to go to the crime scene… oops I had to drive the car and take him there. I don’t know how to drive using an Xbox controller. I had to call Jamie in, he taught me and I drove very badly. I think I may have run people over and had several crashes. I got a headache quite quickly, so made Jamie control the game and I told him where I wanted him to go. We have not gotten very far so far.

Mark went to his friends house for the night. The little boys are getting colds and are actually not very happy people. Football was cancelled due to the rain through the week. Flooding inland and to the north of us, but a LOT of rain here. Most the land surrounding us to swamp lands, so it becomes sodden very quickly.

The boat is getting closer to being able to float again, Jamie installed the transom (that is ‘boating’ for back) that for some reason needed replacing.

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