Saturday, June 25, 2011


From what I said a few nights ago, I put a notepad app on my phone for when I get ideas for blog posts, so I don't forget what they are.

#1 Tennis:
Wimbledon has started, its on overnight here in Australia, so if I'm giving Ben a feed overnight, I might put it on. My issue with tennis is serving, their job - their entire job - is hitting a ball over a net. Why do they miss the first serve x% of the time? I'm not entirely sure what x equals, but its high. It is so high that they always take two balls when they are serving. The girls tuck the tennis ball into their undies and try to serve. I think I've just answered my question. The reason they have a fault on the first serve is the fact they have a tennis ball in their undies. The second serve usually goes in, that is because the tennis ball is in their hand and no longer tucked into their undies. So why don't they plan to get the first serve in (not plan for failure by taking two balls), and if they need the second ball, ask a ball kid for one. Ok that is sorted.

#2 is also from my overnight television viewing. From 3:30am, Good Morning America is on. I love this show almost as much as I love the Today show, they have a similar banter. At the moment there is a huge court case of a murder of a young girl in Florida, Caylee Anthony. They are having daily updates about this court case, the mother is on trial for murdering her daughter she is a young woman (born in 1986), reasonably attractive and has a very very strange story as to why her daughter went missing etc. As is sometimes the case, its captured the interest of LOTS of people. One woman I seemed to recognise, she was a character on Boston Legal, well I thought she was a character, until I saw her on Good Morning America. She is a legal commentor called Nancy Grace. I was very very surprised to see she is a real person and the way she was shown on Boston Legal was exactly the same as on GMA.

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