Thursday, June 09, 2011

Cute stuff from my middle angel.

Ryan is cute. There is no doubt about it. Even when he's hysterical he's cute.

This morning is COLD. Its cold for Newcastle, I think its even cold for Melbourne, its spring for Nova Scotia!

Getting back to being cold. We're trying to save money, so am not using the heater very much at all, so that being said, our house is COLD.

Little teeny boys are cold too. Especially one who pulls off his socks for sport. Ryan's hands and feet were blue, so I was due to have a shower, so I thought a hot shower would warm him up too. In we hopped and he loved it, looking at the water falling from the shower head. After a little while, he became a bit heavier. He put his head on my chest and snuggled in. He didn't fall asleep, but almost. I then popped him to bed and he's been asleep since.

Ryan is a morning sleeper. Our routine is as follows:
5ish for a drink of milk, which I give him in bed and he goes back to sleep
7-7:30 wake up, Mark brings him in to me for a cuddle
8 breakfast then play
9:30 desperate to go back to sleep. Often becomes whingy or throws a tantrum.
11-2:30 wake up (yes this is correct, yesterday he went to bed at 9:15am and woke up about 2:30pm)
Lunch on wake up
4ish has a "time out" in his bed for about half an hour. This gives him quiet time, he doesn't usually fall asleep, but does sometimes.
5:30-6 is dinner
6:30 bath
7-7:30 is bed time

I thought i would do a grocery shop this morning as I really REALLY need eggs for Mark's birthday cake, but will now have to wait until Ryo wakes up.

Cuteness #2, I asked Ryan for one of Ben's nappies, he ignored me when I needed it. About half an hour later, he arrives in the lounge room with three nappies. Will have to convince him to put them away later.

Bless his little heart

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