Sunday, June 26, 2011


Lucky you can't see the toddlers face up close.
Toby and Ryan were given hot chocolates and Jamie makes them the way he'd have them, if he were to drink a hot chocolate. With HEAPS of chocolate. I'm not sure 1.5 and 2 year old boys need that much choc in their hot choc, but if Jamie is a making, I'm a not complaining.

Which reminds me of primary school. Every Wednesday was netball training night, Jocelyn and I went to Clare Owen's house and her mum took us to training (or so I think), we always had afternoon tea there, it was something healthy and a glass of chocolate milk. A middle sized glass with one teaspoon of Quik mixed in. Yes that's right, only one teaspoon, it was never chocolately enough for me. Which is probably why I overdose on Quik now, and why I'm overweight!

Here is a picture of relaxing Ben for your viewing pleasure.

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