Thursday, June 02, 2011


I'm quite obsessed with the website Mamamia, I get obsessed about things quite a bit.
Its an interactive website, newsy articles get posted each day and comments are invited. I comment, but don't join in the conversation. I'd comment a lot more if I had the time, I wonder how some contributors find the time, they comment so often.

This is what I'd like to say, but don't, and some other random stuff.

Live meat exports:
4 Corners showed a program the other night about cattle being sent to Indonesia for slaughter, and the horrifically cruel way they are killed. I feel sick. I feel the world is a little strange how horrified we are that cows are being killed in a way that takes 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds, but we don't seem to care about rapes and murders in Africa of humans. I think people feel humans can fight back, but the animals are helpless. Its a strange set of emotions, the cows are being sent there to die that is the goal, but the manner of the death is horrible. I think those images will haunt me forever. I feel especially guilty as we were just given 3/4 of a cow, its in my freezer. I know it was killed humanely, but now I can picture its death and I'm eating it! I could almost go vegetarian... but won't.

Joint bank accounts:
I just can't see how a married couple can not have joint bank accounts. Take Jamie and I, we own a house together, we have two cars, heaps of insurances - if we had separate accounts would that mean that I pay half of the health insurance and he pay the other half. MUCH easier just to join it all together. For the first two years of our relationship, I earned bugger all as I was at uni and on the parenting payment from the government. I have now caught up in my wages, but have also had a year off with maternity leave. Sometimes I earn more, sometimes he earns more.. doesn't really matter, the bills get paid, we are comfortable. Its US, not me and him. This is our house, our family, our cars etc when we got married (well actually about 7 years prior to that) we joined together as a family. Shouldn't be a power play.
This topic was on Mamamia this week. So many people said "protect yourself" don't' do it. Half of relationships don't last, well that means that half do! I know that Jamie put more money into our first house, should we split, I would take that into account. But I'm not a bitch, that is the worry the bitch/bastard factor.

Bonds ad:
This is just too cute. There is a sexy ad for Bonds underwear featuring Sarah Murdoch. Each time it comes on the telly, Ryan stops what he is doing and watches it with his mouth open. Tonight he even lifted his shirt up. I think he's got a thing for Mrs Murdoch.

I'll share more, when I can remember what I want to rant about.

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