Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I know, two posts in two minutes is a little stupid, but I must write these down before I forget. Yesterday was a momentous day in Ryan's life.

#1 HUGE temper tantrum at Jesmond Park. He learned how to twist and project himself over the edge of the pram and SCREAM at the top of his lungs as he wasn't ready to leave the playground. It looked so dangerous the way he was leaning over the pram. He also played a bit in the tanbark dirt and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

#2. I'm letting him have a little more independence, letting him walk from the car to the house by himself. He doesn't go onto the road, he gets up the steps pretty easy. Yesterday he decided to "help" by carrying the empty oil tray to the porch.

The picture above is an empty oil drip tray, but ours does not look like that, ours has dirty, sticky, thick, gluggy, BLACK oil all over it. And that was the tray that Ryan thought would be better moved to the front porch. If I was a good mother, I would have taken a photo, but I put him straight in the bath. Lots of soap later and clothes tossed in the bin, I had a clean boy again. (For the record, he does not like the taste of soap, but must keep checking to make sure)

#3. Later that same day, Mark starts screaming, Mum come quick its an emergency. I was feeding Ben, so was stuck, but Jamie intercepted Mark in the kitchen with Ryan held at arms length. He had gotten into a jar of Sudocrem.

Which I'm currently using on his junior tushie as he's got a mild dose of nappy rash b/c of teething. It is also very thick, sticky and doesn't wipe off easily. Ryan is aware (somehow) that this is nappy rash cream, so he gets it on his finger and wipes it on the side of his leg. I know this because he got a tube of this cream once when I was changing him and as he kept still whilst putting a tiny bit on his finger and wiping it on his leg, I let it continue. BUT this time, it was a huge handful and all over his hand, tracksuit pants,t-shirt arm and face. Emergency strip. Again, we were bad parents and forgot the photo.

Yesterday was a messy day.

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