Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mama's little helper.

No, its not Valium.

Its my angel, Ryan*. He's my assistant when it comes to Ben*.

Ryan will let me know when Ben is awake, he toddles off to his room when he cries.
If Ben is lying on the floor, Ryan will find a blankie and place it over him.
He will always ensure is dummy is firmly in Ben's mouth (at all times), then will pull it out, laugh and then replace it, sometimes 5 times in a row.
He will pat Ben on the tummy when he is crying. Yesterday when I was burping Ben, he was still crying quite a bit, Ryan appeared and patted him on the back.

One morning just after Ryan woke up, he was wandering around this house and then appeared with two of Ben's dummies, I think he may have taken one out of the cot!

Ryan likes to remind me when the cupboard locks are not done up. He will stand next to the cupboard and make his sound "neh neh" whilst holding the lock. Often he won't even open the cupboard, but lets me know that he could.

* I'm over using their names, because if I wrote "he did that to him" it would be hard to know who I'm talking about. Oh and to remind me, too many names in this house.

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