Sunday, May 19, 2013

At the Farm

We spent the last two weekends up at Jamie's parent's farm.  Its 2.5hrs away.  Here are a select group of pics to sum up the two weekends.  This weekend 19th May was Zahli's Christening - full of drama leading up to it, but went off pretty good.  I actually missed it as my boys decided that sitting in church today just was not their thing.

This picture sums up my boys perfectly.  Mark - don't look at me - Ryan - photo ready at every opportunity - Ben - I'm too busy.

Little dudes in the park near Duckland just off the main drag in Nathalia.

I love this photo.  Jamie was being VERY animated reading a story and all the boys ran and sat around him to hear what all the fuss was about.  This is Jamie looking bashful once he realised I had the camera.

My two fellas now see the camera!

Ben loves Zahli

and I think Zahli loves him back.

A scene from the christening.  Gerald the minister and seated is grandpa Stan.

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