Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is me - Part two

Growing up, early years:
*Where did you grow up?  Describe it.
*What was your earliest memory?
*What games did you play as a child?
*Where did you go to school?
*Who were your friends?
*Who were your favorite teachers and why?
*What were your chores? 


As mentioned in the previous post, I was born in Germany, lived there until I was one.  Then we moved to Canada my preschool years were there.  Unfortunately I have no memories other than what I have seen in photographs.  The winters were very cold and snowy, the summers were like here, warm.  When I was 5 we moved to Australia, dad was sick of the winters and my uncle lived in Melbourne so that is where we ended up. 

I started school when I was three, I'm guessing it was a kindergarten type program.  Caught the bus there.  Mum walked me to the bus stop and from what she told me, I would not get off the bus at the end of the day without holding mum's hand... just in case there was a dog.  My phobia of dogs was out of control, I was bitten by a dog when mum was babysitting when I was about two years old.  It drove a fear of dogs into me so great that to this day I still jump when I hear a dog bark and hate walking down new streets alone.

In Canada, I'm not sure what I did with my time, I'm guessing girlie stuff, as we grew older Jo and I loved Barbies.  We went ice skating in the winter.  Ummm.... a big gaping hole there.  Not sure what I did.

School... in Canada was a biggie, no idea what its name was, I've always said it was a kindy to year 12 school.  Not sure if that's true though.  In Australia, I went to Templestowe Valley Primary School.  I loved school.  My favourite teacher was Miss Bell (either grade 3 or 4) I thought she was so cool.  She taught us cursive writing and for some reason I thought it was against the rules and she was a rebel, probably why I liked her.  I was PAINFULLY shy as a kid, blushing red faces were the bane of my existence to the point that I wouldn't speak in class - ever.  In high school the thought and reality of an oral presentation was terrifying.

Friends for the purpose of this is entirely irrelevant.  The only person from my infant-primary school years that I am ever likely to run into again is Tanya, as she is a Facebook friend.  But I had a good group of friends.  

Chores - no specified ones (that I can recall) I guess we did whatever mum told us to do.

OOOH, my memory is not so good.  Not very happy about that.

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