Saturday, May 04, 2013

Ben the Magnificent

This is a little ode to our boy Ben.  

The new balance bike for a young boy's 2nd birthday.

I wanted to do it in collage, but after attempting it via three different programs/website and failing. You will have to put up with a long list of photos. 

Over the past week we have done quite a few things.  Sunday was Toby's birthday party at a play centre, I've chosen  some photos of Ben to highlight the day.  Didn't get permission from the other parents so am not using other kids.

"We" gave up the dummy this week.  What an amazing feeling (as a parent) to finally be rid of the blasted thing.  There were a troublesome few nights, but its currently day 4 and although a little late, he went to bed without an issue tonight.  Last night he screamed from 7.30 - 11pm, of course it was not the whole time, but it felt like it and it actually isn't' far from the truth.  He has stopped asking for it too.

We also "gave up" lidded cups, all drinks are now from an open cup and in the kitchen to avoid spills.  Ben is a dreadful spiller.  So its quite stressful not to have him with a lidded cup.

Ben also moved up rooms at crèche.  He is now a toddler, not a baby.  I love love love his new teachers, they are awesomely informative and seem to really like him.  Ryan will be moving up to the next room in the next two weeks as well.  He will be with his favourite teacher, Rachel. 

Very high up at the playcentre.

Toby's 4th Birthday Cake

My two and I think Patrick waiting for cake.

I'm a big kid at the bottom of a big slide


This was a huge slide and obviously was going very fast.

Still a little short for this bike, so his favourite thing to do is drop it and ask for help to lift it up again.  Four little tiptoe steps and then drop "uhoh, Daddy help"

Proud as punch

Notice the tiptoe?

Looking at a lovely pasting done at creche today.  Notice the egg developing?

Happy despite the bruise.  Contemplated taking him to the doc, but knew they'd do nothing, but my goodness it was big.  Jamie & Mark were in the garage. Ryan and I were out the front at the car.  Ben alone in the house for 2 minutes and that bruise is the result.  I asked him where he fell and he pointed to his head. So no idea how it happened.  Quality parents we are.

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Rosemary said...

What fantastic photos. I have enjoyed you blog story, thank you. I love the tidy house! The boys table is just great. The 'sad' photos are cute, especially Ben. Oh how he is growing.
Love you all