Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Day

0230     Ben cries, realise Ryan is in my bed.  Return Ryan to his bed, get Ben and go back to sleep.

0530     Ryan comes back to my bed.

0630     Ryan says its morning time and wants a sandwich.  Ben wakes up, hears the word sandwich and immediately wants a sandwich.  Make two sangers and plonk them in front of ABC2 while I get ready.

0700     Wake Mark who refuses to wake up.  Dress little boys, make lunches.

0730     Jamie arrives home

0750     Leave for work, drop Mark at school, drop boys at daycare.

0830     Arrive at work, busy busy busy like totally nuts for the whole morning.

1230    Boss leaves for a conference, everything calms down a bit.

1500    Finish work, try on a pair of shorts - look ok.

1600    CT of my back to find out why my back hurts.

1700    Pick up some tshirts in Glenroy for the little boys.  Get massively lost driving home.

1745    Pick up boys.

1810    Arrive home.  Cook tea and discuss days events.

1900    Grocery shopping.

2030    Put boys in bed - stories and songs.

2100    Make granola, meatloaf for tomorrow nights tea and some pumpkin pies

2200    Jamie leaves for work

In between times I'm doing the laundry, tidying up, keeping everything running smoothly and EATING EATING EATING.

2330    Fall into bed and wait for the RLS to start.

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