Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Things I want

1.  My family won't like it.  But I want a tattoo.  I want it on my arm somewhere.  I want it to be pretty, I want it planned and by a good artist. Something like this on my upper arm. I'm quite obsessed with Silje, I love her style.  Looked at a place on Chapel St here in Melb and they have a girl artist who is lovely in her designs.  Can't see it happening though.

2. I also want a charm like this, but to have it with MRB instead of ABC. For those of you playing along at home, its available here.

 3.  I would really like this chair, this one is from Harvey Norman.

 4.  Sunglasses, saw a similar style on Annabelle Crabb (major girl crush) and just need to have them.  Will keep an eye (get it ) out for this style.

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