Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve.  Weather was much improved.  Got to go the beach and make a sandcastle. 

This is Sheena and Roy building a sandcastle, we were at a different beach

Ryan appears to be a bit of a nudist.  When we went the first time to the beach, we did not take swimmers as it was a bit cold.  I took a towel just in case and to dust sand off.  Anyway, Mark could not help himself and took off his top and dove in.  This inspired Ryan who stripped naked and started to pee before anyone knew what was going on.  Then he jumped in.  Stayed in for a bit and then started to turn blue.   By this stage Sheena was in up to her waist.  Roy had fallen in (see attached pic) and then even little Benny fell in, nappy and all.  So we ended up driving home with two naked, unhappy and cold children.

Perfectly timed photo of Roy falling in the ocean.

We also put out some reindeer food for Santa, got them to bed before we did the whole milk and cookie thing.  But to be truthful, Christmas is not about Santa.   No one seemed to miss it.

Sheena and Ben cooperating

All the kids trying to share some Reindeer food
More distribution.

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