Monday, December 09, 2013

December Daily - 7th

Today was a Gingerbread kind of day.

I made my own chocolate gingerbread house shapes last night.  Then this morning we (Ryan, Ben and I) went to Connie's house to decorate them.  It was a freaking disaster.  Our royal icing was a little thin (we think) and didn't let the sides of the house set for long enough.  My roof came apart.  The decorations were crap.  Then when I was moving it to the car to drive him home... the house came tumbling down.

The I went to the Crossways Church Annual Gingerbread Making Day in Craigieburn.

That is my finished product.  Very happy with it.  I like my cross-hatching on the roof.  I don't think I'll do it next year.  Not really worth it.  The S is for our family - the Storers.

Jamie and Mark did quite a bit of work on the car, our 4WD which needs new bearings in the gearbox... and now needs a new something that was unexpected as part of the gearbox got broken, along with a mighty impressive bruise on Mark's knee.

Today was also DAY 2 of transition to big boy bed.  So impressed with this transition.  There was no planning... the bed has been in their room all year with a cot in the middle.  Its been a crowded room.  Last night Ben said to me "I don't want to go in my cot, can I go in my bed?"  I said he could if he stayed there.  They did a bit of swapping and a lot of chatting.  But then he settled down and went to sleep.  The same thing tonight.  This was taken about midnight as I was heading off to bed.

Mark has been a corpse sleeper, Ryan is fairly corpse like too, but Ben, he belongs on another planet - like his dad.  He's a bum in the air, upside down, never covered up, PJ's half down or half up, arms flailing, messy sleeper.

Mark and Ryan are the "soldier", Ben and Jamie are the "starfish" and to be honest I'm a "freefaller" but the physio says that it is not good for my back.

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