Tuesday, December 03, 2013

December Daily - 2nd

Today was BUSY.  Hard drop off (how unusual), Ryan has started to cry and scream when I leave him.  Makes me want to cry - almost every day.

My three boys

Went shopping for Raihanah and her bubba Maryam.  Got a whole lot of baby supplies.

Checking out the tree. 
 Collected the little dudes, they were happy.

Came home cooked some delicious port schnitzel.

Hello I'm Ryan
Watched The Blacklist - my new favourite shows.

Mum, I only want to take ONE photo with your fancy DSLR camera, 
 Sent the kids to bed.  They wouldn't go to sleep.  Ben dropped off around 10.30 and Ryan... I guess he might be asleep now 11.50pm.  Getting so exhausted that they won't sleep.

My goodness they are gorgeous.

Asked what the little boys had for lunch 
Ryan "fruit"
Ben "apples and cookies"
It goes without saying that I don't believe them.

"I love your hair like that" I'm currently sporting a very cute curly pigtail (or so I think), Ryan wants a pigtail out the back.

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