Tuesday, December 03, 2013

December Daily - 3rd

Today its phone photos.  Amazingly I took 16 photos on my phone today and a bunch on the DSLR of my cake preparation (that is for tomorrow).

Tuesday is my day off with the boys.  Ben got some McDonald's hotcakes for breakfast, he loved spreading the "peanut butter" (whipped butter) and dipping it into the maple syrup.  I got myself a coffee.  Ryan wasn't feeling the best, so he went without.  Marko went to school and Jamie went to the casino with his friends for a farewell "do".

Cold hotcakes for breakfast

My work colleague/friend Raihanah had her 4th baby on Friday, so the staff at work put in and I got these items.  A jungle gym, a Hungry Caterpillar towel, some gorgeous clothes from Pumpkin Patch and some bathing stuff.  We went to visit this afternoon, and I got a cuddle from baby Maryam, she's so cute and alert.  Forgot to take a pic - whoops.

Checking out Maryam's stash

The wrapped presents
 My little sickie - a good poop did the trick.  He is causing me so much grief at the moment.  Refusing to go to sleep.  Spending far too much time on my phone watching YouTube videos.  He was asleep at 10.15pm tonight, almost a record for early to bed!  I feel I spend all my time threatening, maybe that's the issue, barely follow through.  Anyway... in true Facebook fashion, this time 4 years ago... my waters had had broken about 2 hours ago, we headed in to the JHH and waited for the much anticipated arrival of our dear middle child.
Ryan felt sick, so had a nap today.
Tonight's dinner was due to me staying up late last night watching Rick Stein's India.  He made this prawn and coconut curry.  It was very delicious and now I have mustard oil in my pantry (yay). 
Cooking dinner

Rick Stein's prawn and coconut curry.
Today mum went in to have her 3rd spinal surgery.  Mr Lu Ton is her fabulous surgeon, who she adores and trusts completely.  Her titanium rod in her back broke (!) so the whole structure needed reinforcing.  Supposedly they did a lot more than was anticipated, but should make it all stronger.  She is spending the night in the High Dependency Unit and then will go to the ward tomorrow.  So thankful that she has gotten though the past year and will start her road to recovery.  They have a massive year planned for next year.  Don't need back pain to get in the way.


Rosemary said...

That has been a most interesting read in my hospital bed. Thank you so much.
Am doing just fine, no pain & no drugs so far.
Happy 4th Birthday Ryan from Nan & Pop

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