Wednesday, December 04, 2013

December Daily - 4th

Otherwise known as RYAN'S BIRTHDAY.

HAPPY 4TH TO MY LITTLE BOY, the exciting story of 4 years ago is here.

This is my foodie blog version of the cake I made.  I used the following recipe of Vanilla Cake and added heaps of sprinkles to make it a funfetti cake.  

I made two rounds and a ring cake

Trimmed and then smoodged them together with icing

Filled the middle with M&Ms

Topped with the second full round cake

Then iced the whole thing

When cut, it becomes a piƱata.

The day started with a very excited boy asking for a present!  The present was yet to arrive, so thankfully we had some Matchbox cars and he was very happy to get that.

Off to school with grand announcements all day of "its my birthday" they had a cake and he requested PINK icing, and got it.  The whole class sang Happy Birthday and he was made a fuss of all day.

Then the big news came in the form of a text message "call asap"  The present was at the Post Office and we needed to get it.

opening the gifts

Excitement of a BIG car

Is this remote really MINE?

I can do it Dad

Zooming along

More zooming

One happy little boy.

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